Mark Jenkinson MP for Workington has visited Shaw Hill farm during Farm Safety Week

Mark Jenkinson MP for Workington has visited Shaw Hill farm during Farm Safety Week to raise awareness of safety on farms for owners, employees and contractors whilst at work.

Farm Safety Week is intended to raise the awareness of physical safety as well as mental wellbeing for those working on farms across Britain.

Mark is very supportive of the farming industry and believes it is important that everything possible should be done by employers to ensure that everyone should go home in the same condition that they arrived, at the end of the working day.

Mark Jenkinson MP for Workington said: "There are a number of farms in my constituency who employ staff and contractors, especially during busy times such as harvest. As a former Newton Rigg student, I want to see people farming safely and practices put into place to protect operations that are required to be carried out on a farm.

Farming is an occupation, and no one deserves to go home in a worse condition than they arrived at work. This is exactly the same as in other jobs. There are obviously more potential risks on a farm than in other places of work, however measures can be put in place to make these risks less and I want to work with the farming sector towards lowering or mitigating these risks."

Vaughan Hodgson added: "As a poultry farm there are several safety measures that we have adopted to keep those working on the farm and our animals safe. I think the farming sector is slowly getting better as regards health and safety, however the statistics of accidents and injuries on farms are still high compared to many other sectors.

With improving technology and shared best practices as an industry I hope to see the trend further improve and safety becoming more of a feature in the everyday running of farms because, as we have found, it does make for a more efficient farm when risks to those who work on it are reduced."