Mark Jenkinson thanks the public for their response to Coronavirus

Coronavirus continues to dominate the headlines and as Britain and Cumbria remain in lockdown, I want to thank each and every one of you for your contribution to fighting this virus. This awful virus does not discriminate. Anyone can get it. Anyone can spread it. Thank you for staying home and saving lives.

My thoughts are with those affected by Coronavirus, with their families and with those close to them.

The Government has moved incredibly quickly to ensure that measures are in place to support individuals who are not able to work at this time. The Chancellor has also announced a package of support for businesses during the pandemic and the latest announcement this week of £750 million ensures that charities are able to continue their vital work in our communities following this pandemic.

I appreciate that some people risk falling through the cracks due to their own personal circumstances and I continue to lobby Government on assistance for those specific circumstances.

I would like also to put on record my thanks to Allerdale Borough Council, who as I write have paid out almost £20m to local businesses as part of the support packages, and to the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government who were able to ensure that the council were frontloaded with the cash to be able to respond as quickly as they have.

This week I have seen first- hand the measures that local GP surgeries have put in place to ensure they can continue to treat as many patients as possible; both those with coronavirus symptoms and those who have other medical needs. Our NHS has responded admirably to the challenge presented at this unprecedented time and I think you will join me in saying NHS workers have the support of the whole country as they fight this virus on the frontline.

The actions of children and their understanding of the current the situation is admirable. Their own routines have been disturbed and by staying at home they too are playing their part in this fight. Their own demonstrations of support such as the numerous rainbows that are in windows throughout my constituency are testament to their support for this effort.

In a time of such uncertainty, I am proud of the way that my constituents have supported Britain in its fight against this pandemic- whether that be staying at home, working in our NHS or other key jobs, or volunteering in your community. You are doing Britain proud and I am honoured to have such caring communities in my constituency. Together we will fight this.