Workington MP Mark Jenkinson discusses aspirations for Silloth

Mark Jenkinson, MP for Workington, has had a meeting with Silloth Town Council.

During the meeting there were discussions about large businesses, infrastructure and tourism as well as the opportunity for the town council to bring Mark up to speed about the recent improvement of the schools in the town.

They also raised with him the football tournament that attracts over 1000 young people every year.

Mark said: "Workington constituency is made up of a number of towns and villages each with their own identity.

"I want to support our towns and villages in any way I can, and it is clear with the number of businesses located in Silloth and the tourism offer there, that there is potential in Silloth for growth.

I was pleased to meet the Town Council as I was able to get a grasp on their current plans and discuss ideas for future development of the town. I want to see local people making decisions for the place that live and work.

One important issue they mentioned was infrastructure; access for residents, businesses and tourists. I will take that forward in my meetings with Government Ministers and local authorities."