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Loyalty means a lot to me. We owe a tremendous amount to Boris Johnson for breaking the Brexit deadlock and delivering the wishes of 17.4 million voters. He delivered an 80 seat Conservative majority. But most of all, he gave people hope.

I want a Prime Minister that respected that.

I want a Prime Minister who will keep the promises we made to voters in Workington in 2019, one that has been focussed on delivery of that manifesto - not on planning their leadership campaign, or on instigating the opportunity.

I want a Prime Minister who can hit the ground running, continuing the work done so far and ensuring delivery of our pledges before the next election.

I want a Prime Minister with a track record of delivery, of pushing back against 'the blob', one I can trust to unleash the benefits of Brexit.

Liz is trusted to deliver, and ready to lead. 

As we choose our new Prime Minister, whether we think we should be or not, we are at a critical moment for Great Britain. We face huge challenges in the aftermath of Covid and of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Now is the time to be bold. We need to deliver Brexit and all the opportunities it offers. We need to win the fight for freedom at home and across the world.

Liz has proven that she can lead, that she can make tough decisions and that she can get things done.

Liz is ready to be Prime Minister from day one.

Liz's platform is a simple one - to govern as a Conservative. She shares my desire for us to be an aspiration nation, where people from all backgrounds and all parts of the United Kingdom have the opportunity of a great education, be able to start their own businesses and realise their dreams. That everyone should have the same opportunity to succeed, regardless of their background or where they live.

This is levelling up in a Conservative way.

While talent is spread evenly across this great nation, opportunity is not
Boris Johnson

One of Liz's first priorities is an emergency budget to suspend 'green levies' on energy bills, reverse April's National Insurance rise and stop the planned increase in corporation tax that risks starving off our growth potential.

Liz will make Britain a high-growth economy over the next ten years through bold supply-side reform. She will cut taxes to help businesses invest in their future, tackle the cost of energy, and control government spending - just as we promised in 2019.

She will create new low-tax and low-regulation zones to attract investment in communities up and down our country, creating new hubs for innovation and enterprise. Just as we promised for the Workington constituency in Our Plan in 2019.

Families are a vital part of our lives and the crucial building block for a stable society. They don’t just look after themselves but also build communities, charities and even businesses.

Liz will review the taxation of families to ensure people aren’t penalised for taking time out to care for their children or elderly relatives, saving families up to £2,514/year through transferable tax allowances.

Liz's policies will turbocharge the rural economy by focusing on farmers growing food and cutting the pointless regulation that gets in their way.

In Government, She has consistently delivered and taken tough decisions.

She stood up to Vladimir Putin by targeting Russia with the toughest sanctions his regime has ever seen.

She will continue to lead the free world in opposing Putin and making sure Ukraine prevails.

She doesn't give in to Whitehall, or vested interests. She doesn't give into the naysayers.

She has proved that time and time again by delivering, even when it was difficult.

As Trade Secretary, she struck dozens of new deals with major partners such as Australia and Japan which people thought would never be possible.

In the face of EU intransigence, she developed the Northern Ireland Protocol bill, breaking the deadlock in a legal way, upholding the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement and preventing the tearing apart of our precious Union.

As Chief Secretary to the Treasury, she had a firm grip on the nation’s finances.

She is prepared to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

That is why Liz is trusted to deliver.

We need someone who will level with the British public that our economy will not get back on track overnight.

Times are going to be tough, but we will be on an upward trajectory by 2024 - and we will beat Labour.

We can get there by delivering on our promises, ensuring spades are in the ground, people are in jobs and more money is being generated in local area - all while leaving more of people's money in their own pockets.

That can be achieved by working relentlessly as a team to deliver, deliver and deliver. That is how we turn things around and win the next election.

We don’t have a moment to lose. Liz will work with colleagues across the party to lead a strong and united team.

The British people are crying out for a united and modern Conservative Government, ready with the courage of its convictions to deliver on its promises.

I know that Liz can be trusted to get the economy growing, get money back in people’s pockets and help squeezed families.

That's why I'm backing #LizForLeader.

I hope that you will too.


Liz has a bold and ambitious plan for the country and economy – based on Conservative values:

  • She will cut bills for families, with a pause on energy levies – bringing down average bills by £153.
  • She will cut taxes, including stopping the rise in corporation tax and reversing the new NI tax.
  • She will continue to fight for freedom at home, standing up to identity politics and cancel culture.
  • She will take a tough line with bullies abroad, like we have seen her do against Putin.

Liz gets things done and has a proven track record of delivering across six departments:

  • She has developed a strong foreign policy for Britain, and has been one of the toughest politicians on Putin.
  • She has taken a tough line on the Protocol and made it her priority to defend peace in Northern Ireland.
  • She delivered trade deals in record time when people said it would be ‘impossible’.

Liz is the real Brexit candidate and leading advocate for Britain reaching its potential out of the EU:

  • As Trade Secretary, she negotiated dozens of new post-Brexit trade deals.
  • As Foreign Secretary, she stood up the EU on the Protocol to protect the integrity of the UK.
  • As Prime Minister, she will slash EU red tape to turbocharge the UK economy.

Liz wants everyone in this country to succeed:

  • She grew up in Paisley in Scotland and went ta comprehensive school in Leeds, where she saw children let down.
  • She wants everyone to have the opportunity to succeed in life and get as far as their talents will take them, regardless of background.
  • Her vision is to create an aspiration nation, a fast growing economy, with every part of the country thriving, competing with our international competitors.

Liz’s government will be made up of members from right across the Party:

  • After all of this is over, we must all come together and deliver for the country - a divided Party will not beat Sir Keir Starmer and the Labour Party.


1. Scrapping the National Insurance tax rise, saving the average worker £240 a year to help them during the cost of living crisis.

2. Cutting corporation tax back to 19 per cent, helping to grow our economy and provide a much needed boost to businesses.

3. Introducing a one year moratorium on energy levies, bringing average household energy bills down by £153 to help families through the winter.

4. Increasing defence spending to 3 per cent of GDP by 2030, positioning the UK as Europe’s most capable armed forces so we can stand up to authoritarian regimes like Putin’s.

5. Cracking down on unnecessary strike action, introducing legislation within the first 30 days to bring in minimum service levels, and making strike action less frequent, and more costly for unions.

6. Expanding the Rwanda policy, pushing forward with more return agreements tend the profitability of people trafficking across the channel.

7. Cutting key crimes by a fifth by 2024, with a raft of new measures including crime league tables, officers visiting the scene of every burglary, and the 20,000 new officers to help deliver this goal.

8. Unlocking the opportunity of home ownership for millions of people, by reforming mortgage rules and ripping up the Whitehall-imposed red tape that is holding back housebuilding.

9. Bringing in a bonfire of EU red tape, unlocking the opportunities of leaving the EU to turbocharge the UK economy by fully diverging from EU rules and regulations.

10. Implementing a six point plan to get our education system back on track, including bringing down the cost of childcare, expanding high performing schools, and reforming university admissions.


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