Investing in Our Schools

Investing in our schools: Providing the opportunity for every child to succeed

Every child should have access to a fantastic education. This Conservative government inherited several failing schools here in Workington. This government has made investment available for the development of several new academies – including Workington Academy which opened in 2015. This increased investment in education ensures that the next generation can have access to better education and the increased opportunities for social mobility that come along with it.

Workington has been at the forefront in the development of apprenticeships - providing access to vocational, technical and other work-based qualifications. Apprenticeships give people access to a world class education whilst also earning, and we believe that our future investment and development in T-Levels will be another game changer for education.


  • The best way to level up opportunity across the country is to make sure everyone has access to a good education. We are investing an additional £14billion into schools before 2020-21.
  • The Conservatives have invested more into education than any previous government. In the next 12 months in Workington there will be more money for every school. We have levelled the playing field and this investment ensures each child will have the best opportunity to receive a good education.
  • Under the last Labour government we plummeted down the international league tables between 2000 and 2009, England fell from seventh to twenty-fifth in reading, eighth to twenty-eighth in maths, and fourth to sixteenth in science in the PISA league tables – we can’t let this happen again. A Conservative vote on December 12th is a vote to improve our children’s education.
  • Labour want to remove OFSTED and school assessments. Rather than help identify failing schools they want to ignore the problem. This government wants to find and help failing schools and our funding strategy means that the schools who need the greatest support will get it and I fully back this plan. 


  • We value our teachers. We have announced additional funding to protect teachers’ pay and pensions. We are also supplying additional funding for new school investment, new materials and additional teachers.
  • The Prime Minister has pledged to meet the £4.5 billion requirement for teachers’ pensions from outside of the education budget. So, every penny of the extra £14 billion will go straight to schools – protecting teacher pensions and delivering the best educational outcomes for our children.

Further Education

  • Here in Workington we have several further education providers. With schools, colleges and universities providing everything from A-levels, degrees and professional accreditations right on the doorstep of the Lake District.
  • But we are not seen as an Education hub and I want to change that. We have so much to offer here and I want to help us sell our expertise and become an integral part of the Borderlands and Northern Powerhouse initiatives by encouraging more people to come here and benefit from our excellent education centres.
  • When it comes to Nuclear, there are few areas who can do what we can. Our nuclear expertise and training are recognised globally. We offer world class education in project management, project delivery, construction, and manufacturing. I want to help us grow our further education industry so that we get the recognition we deserve and give future generations more reasons to want to live and work here in the area.


  • Vocational and technical qualifications are the backbone of our industries. A vocational education is a vital alternative to full time education. With access to apprenticeships and degree level technical qualifications here in the constituency, I will work tirelessly in government to lobby for further reform to the apprenticeship levy so that we can continue to grow and develop our ability to provide access to a good education for our future generations.

Opportunity for All

  • Every child deserves an excellent education and the opportunity to fulfil their potential.
  • I will fight to ensure that every child across the constituency has that opportunity to be the best that they can, in whichever field they choose.