More Businesses, Better Jobs

Job and business creation – capitalising on our proud nuclear, agricultural and industrial past to build the businesses of tomorrow

West Cumbria has a rich history of agricultural, industrial and manufacturing excellence. We harnessed the power of the atom and our products are sold world over. Our economy is dependent on Sellafield, and whilst there are opportunities in nuclear, we need to ensure we create the jobs and businesses for our future generations.

I have worked in the nuclear supply chain for many years. The nuclear industry has its roots firmly established in West Cumbria, but our economy has become dependent on the nuclear pound and we need to encourage new businesses and new jobs to the area. Capitalising on our world leading agricultural and industrial past, our focus should be on the opportunities of tomorrow in an increasingly digital world.

Promoting Sellafield as the site for the first Small Advanced Modular Reactors to be built as part of a revitalised Nuclear Sector Deal.

  • I will work with Copeland MP Trudy Harrison to ensure that Sellafield is selected as the primary site for Small Advanced Modular Reactors to be built, acknowledging West Cumbria’s role in new reactor development since the 1940’s.
  • I will lobby Government to maximise the amount of nuclear decommissioning investment spent in West Cumbria, ensuring that skills and expertise are maintained in the area.
  • I will work with local MP's, council leaders and business leaders to ensure we are recognised for our world-beating skills and expertise and that they are exported internationally, diversifying the supply chain in readiness for post-Sellafield decommissioning.

Supporting new start and small businesses through Cumbria LEP and Cumbria Growth Hub

  • I understand the challenges of small businesses and will lobby Government to ensure that start up and small businesses can access funding and expertise through Cumbria LEP and Cumbria Growth Hub without unnecessary red tape.
  • I will lobby Government to ensure that the Shared Prosperity Fund will fund businesses previously neglected through EU State Aid rules, so that our agriculture, nuclear and tourism businesses can benefit from growth grant funding.

Establishing West Cumbria as a Low Carbon Energy Hub.

  • I will work with local partners to establish a Low Carbon Energy Hub, championing West Cumbria’s vital role in low carbon energy generation and sustainable energy use.
  • I will work with partners and lobby Government to assess the feasibility of a trial local district heating network for Northside and Siddick, and the wider Lower Derwent Valley.
  • I will encourage Cumbria County Council and Allerdale Borough Council to increase electric vehicle charging points in the constituency.

Supporting our vital industry sectors in agriculture, food and beverage and manufacturing.

  • I will work alongside farmers to ensure that government support to the sector improves after the UK leaves the European Union.
  • I will work with partner organisations such as the LDNPA and National Trust to ensure that the next generation of farmers can be supported and encouraged to take on and develop their farms.
  • I will promote our world leading manufacturing sector and lobby for increased investment for our successful firms through the Shared Prosperity Fund to allow them to grow.
  • I will work with Cumbria Tourism, Cumbria Chamber of Commerce and partners to promote the excellent food and beverage offering that West Cumbria has to offer.

Lobbying Government to establish Lillyhall as a new Enterprise and Learning Zone.

  • I recognise the importance of Lillyhall as a centre of enterprise and of learning to the people and economy of West Cumbria.
  • I will lobby Government and the Northern Powerhouse Minister to establish Lillyhall as the UK’s first Enterprise and Learning Zone, allowing businesses to benefit from lower business rates and to encourage new investment in the area for the creation of jobs and to support our diverse educational offering.

Improving the Ports of Workington and Silloth, recognising the importance of these strategic links to Ireland and beyond in a post-Brexit Britain.

  • I will work with local partners to ensure that the ports are able to meet the challenges of the future and will lobby for improved onward connectivity to the ports via road and rail.


Letter to Cumbria County Council on West Cumbria Mining

Conservative MPs and local leaders, from constituencies across Britain which have a strong industrial heritage, have spoken out against Labours attempts to block the approval of a new coking coal mine in West Cumbria.