More Police, Tougher Sentencing

Recruiting more Police: Tackling Crime, we are on the side of law enforcement

We are investing in 20,000 new police officers to make your streets safer. We want to support our officers with updated legal powers to stop and search so that we can tackle knife crime and challenge county lines gangs.

Here in Cumbria we are seeing the first of over 50 new police officers being recruited in the next 12 months, with more to follow after that, helping us to tackle crime and provide much needed support to victims of crime.

More Police

  • Increasing our police officer numbers is a government priority, Priti Patel our Home Secretary had this to say at the recent national policing board “Every single police force in England and Wales will be able to recruit additional officers this year to help keep all of our communities safer”
  • The Conservatives have announced the recruitment of 6,000 new police officers across the country, as part of an unprecedented plan to bring in 20,000 new officers over the next 3 years. Here in Cumbria we will see 51 new police officers walking the streets to help keep you safe.
  • We are investing £750 million in improving our police force and Cumbria is going to get its fair share of the investment. For too long our rural areas have not had their fair share of government investment, but under Boris Johnson we have seen increased investment away from London. I will work with other local Conservative MP's to ensure that we can continue to see investment in our police force.

Increasing Funding

  • As well as more police officers on the ground, this Conservatives government is investing over £1 billion between now and 2020-21 to tackle violent crime, invest in training and much needed equipment for our police officers. I am on the side of our police and will work tirelessly to ensure they have the support and resources they need.

Tackling Violent Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

  • Violent crime and Anti-Social Behaviour make up most of the offences in our area and with rises in knife crime and hate crime nationally it has never been more important to invest in our police force. By pledging to work with our 5 other Cumbrian MP’s, I will bring about safer streets and a crackdown on crime here in the Workington constituency.
  • The £25 million safer streets campaign provides more opportunities for funding local issues, I will work with our Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall, to ensure that we can continue to make our streets safer.
  • Under Boris Johnson, this Conservative government is doing more to keep officers safe, providing additional funding so that officers can have access to tasers and the equipment they need. We are in addition funding health and wellbeing programmes to help our officers cope with the difficult situations they face.

County Lines

  • Despicable county lines gangs are taking advantage of young and vulnerable people to move and sell drugs near our homes. I will work with our local police officers, police and crime commissioner and local councils to make sure that support is available to those that need it the most.
  • By working with local communities, I will help to provide support and raise awareness to protect our most vulnerable children and adults so that they are not targeted by these gangs, helping to keep our streets clean of drugs.